sexta-feira, 3 de julho de 2015

Complete Musical Production Course


This package contains the top 4 music production course to turn you into a true music producer or producer of electronic music. You will learn to set up a studio or homestudio and choose your equipment, record properly any acoustic or electric instrument, edit your music and audio with the best and most used world's audio software Pro Tools. You will create your electronic or acoustic music on the computer running Ableton Live and do the mixing and mastering professional to have the music ready for publication. With the Complete Course Music Production, you are 100% able to write, create, produce, mixing, mastering and will dominate his studio soon. You will learn the best techniques and the best software to produce your music with excellence.

* Student Course can purchase the student version of Pro Tools software directly with the official distributor.
See the rules of the Program Student Course Pro Tools Original Software